Roberta Feigenbaum: FILM EDITOR | COMPOSER

film editorial - film reel
  Roberta Feigenbaum is a multi-faceted artist who   is both a professional film editor, and a
  music composer.

  Ms. Feigenbaum is the composer of the highly   acclaimed jazz album, "Russian Peasant",   performed by Alan Pasqua. With a penchant for   strong,memorable melodies, Ms.Feigenbaum   composes straight-ahead jazz, classically-infused   jazz, music for theatrical productions, and scores   for independent films.

Ms. Feigenbaum's interest in film editing   blossomed during a period of scoring independent   films in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early '90s.   Editing picture evolved as a natural extension of   her storytelling capabilities musically.

  Sound (music) and picture (film) often live in   separate worlds, each embodying a uniquely   focused set of skills. As an artist, Ms. Feigenbaum   enjoys the creative possibilities and vantage points   that come from immersing herself in each   discipline, while maintaining the ability to   traverse both.

  Ms Feigenbaum holds a M.A. in Clinical   Psychology from Antioch University. She is a   formally trained professional film editor and a   professional composer, based in Los Angeles, CA.